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NoizMute® EZ Hang Acoustic Soundproof blanket

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 NoizMute® EZ Hang Acoustic Soundproof blanket covers 40 sq.ft (or 72" tall x 80" width inches, thickness 1/4 inch, used either outdoor or indoor). 6 loops/6 metal grommets to hang blanket using a curtain rod/hanging hooks or nails (along 80"width). 16 inches in center (41 cm). Recommend curtain rod should not be bigger than 1 ¼ inch.(3 cm)


EZ Hang Acoustic Soundproof blanket  has below features (Click any photos on the left to enlarge):
1) No sound leakage. Even sound absorbent and even reflection
2) Material can be recycled back into textiles, Environmentally friendly
3) Durable & easy installation for one person job
4) Solid black absorbent color ideal for studio, sound and video environment
5) Minimum damage to the wall
6) Hanging loops/metal grommets, it will not be seen from blanket front view.
7) 10 dB reduction, NRC Rating: 0.7

These blankets used to modify different surfaces such as walls,  windows and doors to make them less reflective so they will absorb high end sounds and smooth out harsh sounding instruments. It is also quiet some instruments down such as baby grand piano. These blankets have many uses in any recording studio, instruments protection during moving, wrap up speakers, music instruments and etc...

Our sound blanket can do:
High performance technology reduces volume levels significantly
Absorb sound to prevent ringing and flutter echoes
Reduces reverberation and noise reflection
Conveniently portable. Can be re-used and re-hung anywhere
Removes acoustic interference, lower reverb time
Environmental-friendly. Made from recycled textiles.
Easily soundproofs any area either big or small,
an affordable home-made solutions for a vocal booth.

Affordable and cost effective. Machine washable and tumble dry. We strive to use renewable and recyclable materials in our products to be environment-friendly and reduce carbon footprints/greenhouse gases.

Need a quiet room to rest, to sleep, to sing or just to be solitary, buy our EZ Hang Acoustic Soundproof blanket today. Check out online news release:
http://www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?aId=100546 or news

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NoizMute® EZ Hang Acoustic Soundproof blanket

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Measurement of Noise

0dB-Threshold of Audibility - Rustle of leaves
30dB-Quiet conversation or in a quiet location in the country.
45dB-Typical office space. Ambience in the city at night
50dB-Background noise in an office
60dB-The sound of an average radio
70dB-The sound of a car passing on the street
80dB-An intercity train from a station platform/loud music in a home.
90dB-Pneumatic drill at 3 metes / sound of a truck passing on the street.
100dB-Jet plane taking off at 50 metes /sound of a rock band
115dB-Limit of sound permitted in industry / Screaming baby
140dB-Threshold of pain


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