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[Bullet] Fibers, slivers and roving in cashmere, silk, bamboo, camel, yak, angora and hemp
                Fibers: Cashmere, Brown Cashmere top
                50%Mulberry silk/50% cashmere blended top
                Mulberry silk sliver,  Mulberry/Bamboo
                Tussah silk slivers (natural, bleached and dyed)
                Silk bricks, silk bell/cap, silk hankies
      Hemp sliver
                Yak, camel, angora, Australia, New Zealand scoured/carbonized wool
[Bullet] Machine knitting yarns:
                Mulberry silk/bamboo
      100% Tencel, natural white, 12/, 30/1 and 36/1
           [Bullet] Hand knitting yarns:
               4 ply yak, camel
               hemp/wool, silk/cotton blended 
               Camel/silk, new ! Cashmere knitting yarn
               Mulberry silk yarn, 8/2 Nm and 3.6/Nm
               Silk/New Zealand Merino wool blended yarn
           [Bullet]  Weaving yarns:
                Mulberry silk/bamboo, Tussah silk
                30/1 Nm Gassed (extra-bleached) Tussah silk yarn
                60/2, 80/2, 120/2, 140/2, 210/2 Nm Mulberry silk spun yarn (Sash yarns)
      20/2 organic cotton and 10/2, 16/2 hemp yarn
           [Bullet] Carpet yarns:
                Mulberry silk yarn #4, #213 and #353
                8/2 Nm Mulberry silk spun yarn
               1/9 Nm, 2x2/9 Nm 100% New Zealand Merino wool
                50% Mulberry silk /50% NZ wool, 4.6/2Ne
                3/2 Nm Berber yarns
           [Bullet] 100% Silk ribbon (natural white)
                4mm and 7mm on rolls and skein
 [Bullet] Quilted supply
    EZ Hang Acoustic Soundproof blanket
    3-in-1 Pet Camper

    Windshiled warmer
 [Bullet] Renewable industrial textile material

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